Greetings all,

Now that we’ve been though the details of how to set up a simple assertion test with QUnit and PhantomJs in a Maven Continuous Integration build in part 1, let’s take a closer look at all the assertions that are available in a test.

The techniques here are dependent on some libraries, but this should already be included if you are using the phantomjs-qunit-runner maven plugin. Credit to this article to for the DOM setup and teardown helper functions.

Alright, onward to the code examples!

Suppose we had a javascript function that does a simple DOM manipulation to add some text to a given element as such.

JSDEMO.quickstart = function () {
     * Public interface
     * @scope JSDEMO.quickstart
    return {
         * Appends some text to an input element ...
         * @param addToElement Element to append some text to
        appendChildNodeToDom : function(addToElement) {
            var newnode = document.createTextNode('Here is some content.');
} ();

Here is the code to test it! Pretty simple really.. comments inline

test("Can append child to element in DOM", function() {
    // expected results for the test to compare against
    var expectedTestDivHtml = "Here is some content.";
    // Helper function to set up DOM element to test with
    DOMSetup('<div id="testDiv"/>');
    // Call our function to be tested with the DOM element created by the helper above
    // Test! See if results is as expected
    equal(expectedTestDivHtml, $('#testDiv').html());
    // Helper function to tear down DOM element tested with