LinkedIn has an interesting approach to Continuous Integration in their mobile app. Of special interest are the ‘Fixture tests’ which mock HTTP/AJAX requests, and the ‘Layout tests’ which does a visual comparison against baseline! Would be very interesting to try and integrate the Layout tests into my automated builds..

Our mobile CI consists of a five stage pipeline:

  1. Mobile continuous integration pipeline
  2. Unit tests: run in less than 10 seconds to test individual modules/units
  3. Fixtures tests: test solely the client apps by having them use static/mock data
  4. Layout tests: test the appearance of the client apps by taking screenshots and comparing them against baseline images
  5. Deployment: automatically deploy to a staging environment
  6. End-to-end tests: run end-to-end tests against the staging environment

I’d suggest following the LinkedIn Engineering blog as they often have very interesting articles about their approaches to solving problems.