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Title : Exploration into Twitter bots and cryptocurrency

Hypothesis/What If

In cryptocurrency trading, there is huge potential upside as a trader if you are one of the quickest to trade when a new coin/cryptocurrency is added to an exchange

Specifically, there are at leasts to 2 scenarios

First exchange listing for an ICO

Established cryptocurrency being added to a large exchange

most exhcanges are API first, what if we could watch the APIs

furthermore, could it be that new cryptocurrencies are soft-launched via the APIs first before the web interfaces actually display the currency?

Turns out both of those what ifs are true!

Let’s get to work…

Prior knowledge before exploration

No prior knowlege in this domain


Challenge 1 :

while most of exchanges offer apis and enough functionality exposed via the APIs for the purpose of scraping information for new coin listings, it turns out that there there is no standard for theAPIS

need to write custom logic to interact with each exchange's API, eg with authentication and signing each reqyest

After some looking, looks like there is a really nice abstraction layer - ccxt (link to github)

Challenge 2 : twitter api

Challenge 3 : learn hosting

initially lambda function, but want to potnetially run with frequency < 1 second so rules out schedules on lambda function also need storage, so decide to spin up a cheap Virtual Private Server - looked at DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr, evenruallt settled on Vultr

Challenge 4 : try async/await syntax

aws lambda don’t support yet unless via babel transpilation