Kenny Chua

About Me

I’m a polyglot problem solver! I love solving difficult problems across people, process and technology.

I've got a diverse technical background where I have roots as a Unix sysadmin, and network admin so I appreciate the fundamentals of how things work. From there I've had hands-on experience building solutions in Java, Perl, C#, building tools and open source Maven plugins leading multiple teams & codebases towards Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. I also have hands-on experience with deep understanding of the nuances of designing & building effective RESTful APIs from having created and consumed countless APIs for several Online Banking portals. I've explored several interesting areas beyond typical textbook RESTful API design including HATEOAS, resource linking & expansion, effective caching and building for scalability and graceful failure.

I am currently the Architect and Lead for Macquarie Online Banking, where our objective is to make Online Banking as compelling and engaging as possible by making the User Experience the focal point, and using technology and data to surface the right information at the right time.

What I don’t know, I love learning about and learning quickly as you can see by my varied technical history. Most recently, I picked up Natural Language Parsing and wrote the current implementation for a bank where you can now perform intelligent searches like "how much did I spend on groceries between Anzac Day and Boxing Day"!



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